How it Works

Process Management Dashboard

Manage all your processes with our easy to navigate professional Dashboard.

See in an instant, which jobs need a site survey, which jobs have been sent for design and which jobs are in need of an engineered stamp.

Stay in-the-know with Email alerts

Get notified when a Site Survey job is done, and know when its time to download completed Design and Stamps.

Gone are the days of chasing down a draft or eng. stamp, once a Design or Engineered stamp is complete, you can download it directly to your computer or tablet. .

Instant Communication Via Chat

Ask a question to our draft or eng. stamp team via our built in chat.

Furthermore if our design team needs to ask you a question, you will get an alert to minimize the process time as much as possible.

Site Survey Form

Our Site Survey Form takes you step-by-step through the questionnaire so you never miss a thing.

All info is mobile friendly so you can easily collect form details, photos and notes right from your smart phone or tablet.

Easily Make Revisions

Requesting a revision should be easy.

If a revision is our design teams fault or if the AHJ (municipality) rejects the design, we will cover the cost. You only pay for revisions if they are made at your whim.

Connect anywhere with a zap

Zap. Connect. Done.

Expedraft is linked via API to Zapier, so Zap all you want to the CRM of your choice.

Sign up today, and get the edge.